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Observations on Clothes as Material Culture


I started this exhibit site as my scrapbook, one of several assignments for the course, Fabric of Cultures at The Graduate Center, CUNY. The scrapbook was to be a place to put the observations I make during the semester amid weekly readings, discussions, and craft making. This would be separate from the other assignments for the course, which were short papers, blog posts, the crafting of an item of clothing using a basic T-shirt as the foundation, a preamble for a final paper, and the final paper itself. Ultimately, I saw these separate assignments as parts of a whole, and that the scrapbook could serve as the composition of a culminating project.

This composition takes into account my observations on clothes as a cultural and sociological phenomenon, the craft behind clothing, some historical inspirations behind dress design, and finally on the growing trend of recycling clothing in the United States. The opening essay, "A Secondhand Dive," uses a personal experience to illustrate intersections of these parts.

Aesthetics: The Artists of L'Inhumaine


The director Marcel L'Herbier, working in France in the early to mid 20th century, believed that film would encompass the other arts. The film, L'Inhumaine embodied that aspiration. This exhibit presents some of the works created in the 1920s by artists who collaborated on L'Inhumaine. 

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