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Detail from Visitor of the Angel,
The Buxtehude Altar

I like to use my hands to manipulate knitting needles to interconnect loops of yarn to make something that can be worn or used to keep warm. I aim for a final product, but I savor the many many moments of crafting, for crafting is a labor of love. Even in those moments where I must rip out rows to return to a mistake that went unnoticed too long, I can resist frustration and acknowledge the importance of this as part of the process for a well crafted item.


Blocking is one of the final steps towards completing a sweater. It requires a wide flat surface to pin down the knitted pieces. Using an iron, you steam them to set the garment to size. In this case blocking is done before assembling the pieces.



My reflections on the T-shirt and Zero Waste projects for Fabric of Cultures follow.