This page includes composites of corset advertising in all three publications.

The chart on the bottom includes the names of companies that advertised in Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. Company names were not available in the set of metadata from Ladies' Home Journal.

The total number of advertisements with the term corsets appearing in all three publications declined markedly over the period, from a high of 370 in 1906 to 53 in 1929.

Large corset manufacturers:

  • Royal Worcester Corset Co.(see advertisement on Overview page) appeared in the title of 96 advertisements, with most before 1911.
  • Modart Corset Co. appeared in the title of 71 advertisements continuing through 1929.
  • La Resista Corset Co. appeared in the title of 70 advertisements.
  • In some cases, the company's product appeared instead of the company. For example, The Warner Brothers Co. appeared in the title of 28 advertisements, but their popular product line, Redfern corsets, appeared in the title of 83 advertisements.