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Fabric of Cultures

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Some of the clothes that Darya gave me

Maroon and Gold Vest
Vest that Naomi made in the 1960s

Paracas textile
CAPTION Nazca. Mantle ("The Paracas Textile"), 100-300 C.E. Cotton, camelid fiber, textile: 58 1/4 x 24 1/2 in. (148 x 62.2 cm). Brooklyn Museum, John Thomas Underwood Memorial Fund, 38.121 . See…

Wool dyers at work
England had a strong wool production industry in the Middle Ages. That industry led to others that used the resulting textiles, like dying that was most likely done in homes.

Kimonos cover art
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs: Art & Architecture Collection, The New York Public Library. "The history of the feminine costume of the world. The beauties of the Japanese costumes." The New York Public Library…

Modernizing the Kimono
Yōshū (Toyohara) Chikanobu, sewing of Western clothes for high ranking ladies (Empress Shōkun promoting Western modes of dress), 1887, trytych of polychrome woodblock prints, ink and color on paper

Poiret Evening Coat
Evening coat, 1913-1919, silk metallic thread

Buddhist vestment
Buddhist vestment with design of autumn grasses and butterflies (made from a Noh costume). Silk and metallic threads in supplementary weft-patterned twill weave silk

Dress detail
Detail of silk weaves
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