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reeling silk filament

From exhibit label:
"The mannequin is covered by strips of maps from every corner of the planet but each strip tells only a fragment of a story. Only when assembled together, we discern their purpose and aesthetic quality. The belt depics a…

Image from a manuscript in exhibit at the Morgan Library and Museum, Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands 

Mississippi delegate Kelly Jacobs used a photograph taken by official White House photographer Pete Souza, manipulating its orientation and color, and then had the design custom printed. She wore this dress at the Democratic National Convention in…

By 1776, the inexpensive hunting shirt had become the accepted field dress for Washington's army.

Tabii Just conducts a workshop in zero waste clothing design.

Blocking a sweater

Origin: China

Year: 20th Century
Collection: Queens College Costume Collection
Identification number: 202.87.3
Materials: Black silk with hand embroidery
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