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Leather, silk, linen, cotton Western European. Rare example of sixteenth century male clothing. Protruding "peascod" waste. Padding suggests it was intended as a protective garment, likely fencing.

Steel and Leather, German Nuremberg

Image from book, The Kashmir Shawl by John Irwin

Silk opera coat, kimono style

Tin-glazed earthenware, Brindisi. Produced in the workshops of Brindisi, Italy

Silver, with traces of enamel and gilding, poddinly Genoa

Transitioning from the popular S-curve silhouette, this fashionable and eye-catching dress is more streamlined, with a slightly raised waist, introducing a more modern look. What is of most interest is the surprising combination of materials, using…

Medieval Madonna knitting with double pointed needles. The Grove Encyclopedia of Materials and Techniques in Art by Gerald W. R. Ward. (on Google Books)Some 14th-century Italian paintings, and one by Master Bertram of Minden (Hamburg, Kunsthalle),…
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